James    James Moots (Event/Housing Coordinator)
I grew up in the Nazarene church and was a teen quizzer in the early 80’s. I quizzed two years on the Northwest Illinois district and one year on the Northwest Oklahoma district. I graduated from SNU with a computer science degree and from NTS with an M Div. I have been working as a computer guy for around 20 years now. I met my wife Tracie at a singles retreat at River Valley Ranch and we were married in 1998. I wasn’t involved in teen quizzing for many years until Bambi Steelman and my wife drafted me to coach an upcoming group of children’s quizzers about 13 years ago. I have been serving as MAD quiz director since May 2008. I believe that God uses the bible study, relationship building, competition and fun of teen quizzing to develop disciples for His kingdom.

   Bible Teacher TBA

Doug    Doug Braun (Quizzing Coordinator)
In 2005, the pastor's wife drafted my kids for the church's quiz team. I asked, "What is quizzing?" Practice was on Sundays, so I had to think hard as it cut into football time, but the Bills were on a (never ending) down swing so I agreed to hang out after church till practice was done and catch the second half (by which time the game was already lost). I come from a background of running football leagues and working in sales in the automotive industry. Almost everyone I met in quizzing was the "academic-y" type, lots of college professors and other well educated folks. But I figured "If their kids can do it, my kids can do it". A few years later, the Upstate NY District director left and I ended up with the stat spreadsheet and the box of ribbons. Over the years, I have watched my kids learn how to study, master material, work with deadlines, speak in front of people, rate colleges based on food quality, and above all, gain a foundation in the word of God.

Frank    Frank Switzer (Registrar/Worship Coordinator)
I was a New England district quizzer before the NIV existed (It was KJV back then). I have two adult daughters Liberty (Pereda) and Rachel (Acharya) and now additional family (pictured) through my wife Lorie. I became involved in quizzing ministry as a parent of quizzers. I am a chemist working for the FDA. I assisted with Soli Deo Gloria and the Southeast Regional Children's Quiz and directed the Carolina Invitational tournament for several years. I am now a part of MAD quizzing where I quizmaster regularly. I also lead worship at South Carroll Nazarene, work with the quiz teams at Gaithersburg Nazarene, take computer science classes for fun and thank God for his blessings daily.

Melissa    Melissa Moser (Treasurer)
Growing up on what is now Mid-Atlantic District, I was both a children's and teen quizzer through my high school graduation in 1996. While attending Trevecca Nazarene University, I helped with two different quiz programs in Tennessee before marrying my husband, Matt, in 1999. We returned to MAD in 2000 and have since served in three different churches, all of which have had quiz programs. I currently serve as the MAD NYI treasurer and Eastern Field Quiz Director, while also volunteering as a quiz master. At home, I have 3 lovely sons and 2 adorable dogs. I work in direct sales as well as standardized test scoring among other volunteer responsibilities in the community. Quizzing has brought the best people I know into my life, and for that I am forever thankful.

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