BRAQ Quizzing

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All quizzers (including adults - no upper age limit) must be at least 11 years old by the end of 2017. Exceptions to this rule will be handled case-by-case IF the quizzer is attending with a parent. Other family members are welcome as non-quizzers.

Quiz rounds will involve two teams with up to four quizzers participating at a time. Quizzing will be based on standard Nazarene style questions and rules with the listed changes below. The standard Nazarene verse list will be used. In the SDG tradition, tournament competition will focus on team scoring with spirit awards recognizing outstanding individual quizzers. Friday night will be a mix-up tournament. Round Robin team quizzing will continue through Saturday with "best of three rounds" tournament match-ups on Sunday.

This event will incorporate the quizzer-friendly rules regularly encountered at MAD NYI quizzes:

The additional rules used in this event are:

Contact the Event Director James Moots

Church of the Nazarene Teen Bible Quizzing